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01 About Us

We are an international design studio with bespoke interior projects.

Passion for design
We have a strong passion for interior design. We want to show what effects can be achieved with the passion that artisans and artisans strive for in their work. There are many traditional techniques such as fresco stucco and gaufrage, which are often only used for restoration projects. It is a challenge to show our customers that this still exists and that we can apply them in an innovative way. We do this by sharing details about how things are made, and revealing the stories behind design.

The Silk Route
Hundreds of years ago, the Silk Route, or Silk Road, was an ancient network of trade routes starting from China to India and ending in Venice. Because of this fruitful route, we now find ourselves influenced by many different cultures - an ‘ethnical’ mix in fabrics and interior style being the result. Today, we do the same by traveling and taking inspiration from cultures around the world.

Design Team
With youth, energy and creative curiosity, our design team show their heady combination of bespoke furniture, rich, sensuous fabrics and period details to clients both residential and commercial. We get a lot of inspiration from travelling overseas - the lighting in a restaurant, the shape of a table, a hotel lobby and the stucco embellishment on a building - enjoying what effects can be achieved when artisans put their passion into design.


02 Portfolio


04 Meet with a Designer!

We decorate residential and commercial properties in an elegant and lively manner, transmitting a warm atmosphere.

We are passionate about unique design, inspired by ancient artistry creating a cultural mix of timeless interiors.

Book an appointment, whether you’re interested in one of our products or starting a project. Meet up with one of our designers and let us help you create an interior you’ll love!

05 Contact Us

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EC Home Couture, Inc.

150 East 58th Street, Floor 22 
New York, NY 10155

The United States
(+1) 212.223.4458


86 - 90 Paul Street, 3rd Floor
London, EC2A 4NE
The United Kingdom
(+44) 20 80896520

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